9 Ways Lactobacillus Acidophilus Can Benefit Your Health

Probiotics are becoming popular food supplements. Interestingly, each probiotic can have different effects on your body. Lactobacillus acidophilus is one of the most common types of probiotics and can be found in fermented foods, yogurt and supplements. What Is Lactobacillus Acidophilus? Lactobacillus acidophilus is a type of bacteria found in your intestines. It’s a member…


How Running Helps You Lose Weight

Running is an incredibly popular way to exercise. In fact, it’s estimated that in the US alone, over 64 million people have run at least once in the past year (1). Running is also linked to many health benefits, and is one of the best types of exercise to help you lose weight. This article…


12 Healthy Foods That Help You Burn Fat

Boosting your metabolic rate can help you lose body fat. However, most “fat-burning” supplements on the market are either unsafe, ineffective or both. Fortunately, several natural foods and beverages have been shown to increase your metabolism and promote fat loss. Here are 12 healthy foods that help you burn fat. 1. Fatty Fish Fatty fish…


Does Lemon Water Help You Lose Weight?

Lemon water is a beverage made from water mixed with fresh lemon juice. It can be enjoyed either hot or cold. This type of water is often claimed to have various health benefits, including improving digestion, enhancing focus and increasing energy levels. It’s also said to help promote weight loss and is a popular part…


10 Health Benefits of Tart Cherry Juice

Tart cherries, also known as sour, dwarf or Montmorency cherries, have become increasingly popular over the last couple of years. Compared to sweet cherries, which tend to be enjoyed fresh, tart cherries are often consumed dried, frozen or juiced. Tart cherry juice is made from the fruit of the Prunus Cerasus tree, native to southwest…


17 Creative Ways to Eat More Vegetables

Including vegetables in your diet is extremely important. Veggies are incredibly rich in nutrients and antioxidants, which boost your health and help fight off disease. Additionally, they are beneficial for weight control due to their low calorie content. Health authorities around the world recommend that adults consume several servings of vegetables each day, but this…


Why Liver Is a Nutrient-Dense Superfood

Not many foods are worthy of the title “superfood.” However, liver is one of them. Once a popular and treasured food source, liver has fallen out of favor. This is unfortunate because liver is a nutritional powerhouse. It’s rich in protein, low in calories and packed with essential vitamins and minerals. This article takes a…


7 Ways Sleep Can Help You Lose Weight

If you’re trying to lose weight, the amount of sleep you get may be just as important as your diet and exercise. Unfortunately, many people aren’t getting enough sleep. In fact, about 30% of adults are sleeping fewer than six hours most nights, according to a study of US adults (1). Interestingly, mounting evidence shows…


9 Signs That You’re Not Eating Enough

Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight can be challenging, especially in a modern society where food is constantly available. However, not eating enough calories can also be a concern, whether it’s due to intentional food restriction, decreased appetite or other reasons. In fact, under-eating on a regular basis can lead to a number of mental,…


What Is Gelatin Good for? Benefits, Uses and More

Gelatin is a protein product derived from collagen. It has important health benefits due to its unique combination of amino acids. Gelatin has been shown to play a role in joint health and brain function, and may improve the appearance of skin and hair. What Is Gelatin? Gelatin is a product made by cooking collagen….